Did the public buy 6000 yuan air conditioner without plug? Engineer’s suggestion: purchase Demin air switch

Reporter Gu Yuanyuan reported: the weather is getting hotter and hotter, the air conditioner has almost become one of the necessary appliances for every household. However, the newly purchased air conditioner for 6000 yuan only has one power cord, but there is no plug at the end of the wire. What’s the matter? At the end of last week, Mr. Zhang, a citizen, met with such a problem when buying air conditioners. The clerk said this was an industry regulation, and he needed to pay for the plug when installing it. After spending thousands of yuan to buy back an air conditioner with incomplete parts, Mr. Zhang couldn’t accept it. For this reason, he called our hotline yesterday to complain about it.

Citizen: do you want to buy a new air conditioner without plug?

Mr. Zhang, who lives in Lanting community, Yuefu, Suzhou New Area, is busy with the decoration project of his new home recently. Last Friday, he took the time to go to a home appliance store in the city to select air conditioners. After some comparison, he selected several brand air conditioners, and there were both hanging and cabinet machines in the order. However, when the sales staff issued an invoice for Mr. Zhang, they told him that the cabinet machine with a value of 6000 yuan purchased did not include plug and socket. When delivering and installing, they need to pay an additional 120 yuan to the installation master to install the special plug. Mr. Zhang wondered, “when I bought so many air conditioners, I heard for the first time that they didn’t have plugs. Is it because of different brands?” However, the sales staff said that no matter what brand of air conditioner, as long as it is a cabinet machine, it does not have a plug when leaving the factory. If it is to be installed smoothly, it must pay for another purchase, which is the “regulation” of the air conditioning industry.

Mr. Zhang couldn’t agree with this. He thought that his rights and interests had been damaged. “Since I spent money on air conditioner, I should have got a complete air conditioner. I didn’t even have the power plug. Is this still a qualified product? It is also required to spend money to buy from the installation master, which is not a compulsory binding consumption? Merchant: no plug for high-power air conditioner

The new air conditioner doesn’t have a plug. Is this the industry rule, as the salesperson said? Yesterday morning, the reporter visited the air-conditioning counters of many home appliance stores in the city and asked the salesmen about the situation. In the air conditioning sales area of a home appliance store on the urban happiness Road, a salesperson told reporters that almost all brands of cabinet air conditioners are not equipped with plugs or sockets. According to the salesperson, because the power of the cabinet air conditioner is usually large, if equipped with a general plug, the instantaneous current is high when using, it is easy to burn the plug, causing safety problems. Therefore, the manufacturer does not provide a plug when leaving the factory. “Only a few brands of constant frequency air conditioners may be equipped with plugs when they leave the factory, otherwise they need to be purchased separately.” The sales staff said that the general cabinet air conditioner is only equipped with one wire, which needs to be directly connected to the air switch during installation to ensure safe use. Another air-conditioner salesman surnamed Liu introduced to the reporter that as long as the air-conditioner with more than 2 horsepower is used, whether it is cabinet type or hanging type, it needs to be equipped with additional plugs, and the manufacturer does not produce them. “This is also for safety consideration. Generally, when customers buy it, we will make it clear in advance.”

Subsequently, the reporter called the customer service hotline of Midea, Gree, Daikin and other air-conditioning brands for consultation, and the answers were basically the same. According to customer service of Gree brand, when the air conditioner with the power of more than 2 horsepower is started, the instantaneous current is high, while the general plug or socket can only bear the current of 16A. If it is used, it is very easy to generate potential safety hazards. Therefore, all high-power air conditioners are not equipped with sockets and plugs, but need to be equipped with air switches for installation. Because air switches are commonly used household power distribution equipment, they are not within the scope of air conditioner production, so general air conditioner manufacturers will not produce such accessories.

Yesterday, the reporter also consulted engineer in air conditioning maintenance and sales for 20 years of the industry–Zhou Gang. He analyzed that the current of two or more air conditioners will reach more than 20 amperes when they are in operation, and the rated current of the national standard plug used for ordinary household appliances is 16 amperes, which is easy to cause the power plug to burn or even catch fire when they are used for a long time. In order to avoid potential safety hazards, air conditioning manufacturers generally do not have plugs. For safety’s sake, he suggested that the public choose Demin air switch,because DEMINDQ–Make electricity safe to the best.

Post time: Nov-25-2019